Invoice #295
Invoice date: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice due by: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice number: #295
Invoice currency:
Invoice from:
Alex High
Invoice to:
Timed tasks
Add pages for footer menu, style.
0.07 (0h4m)
Add and customise plugin and display areas for post favorites / saves - to be completed later.
0.12 (0h7m)
Add user account, record instructions for adding products.
0.25 (0h15m)
Website migration and setup on SiteGround
Not including any time spent with support requests and chats on this invoice, its their system that messed up - not fair to you!
0.5 (0h30m)
Menus: footer, header, main.
Add new categories, add dropdowns and style.
0.53 (0h32m)
Add working form to email for the contact and submit a product page, style as per PDF and test.
Create custom page template for content pages without the header slider.
0.6 (0h36m)
Add hero image slider
Build options for the theme customizer page.
Build slider, pull in images from theme customizer, style and test.
0.9 (0h54m)
Category pages:
Create custom post type for categories, print items and taxonomy title.
Style taxonomy pages.
Duplicate posts, assign to categories, test layout with multiple posts.
1.27 (1h16m)