Invoice #343
Invoice date: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice due by: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice number: #343
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Alex High
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Timed tasks
25th September: banner changes
0.17 (0h10m)
13th October: continue with teachers and locations page
0.62 (0h37m)
26th September: Skype meeting while reprogramming elements of the site.
1.2 (1h12m)
14th October: finalise teachers and locations page, implement variable payment for deposit remainder
1.37 (1h22m)
24th September: Edited courses, edited holidays, added categories and functions, added new holidays to course pages and front page, fixed links and tested, added missing images, centred videos on course pages, added titling and formatting to holiday pages. Updated all the plugins etc for security, also optimised the page loading. Edited PayPal IPN information for better communication between PayPal and WooCommerce for order processing notifications and management.
1.55 (1h33m)
30th September: Updating content types for accordion page layouts. 5-6 hours spent, 2 hours invoiced.
2 (2h0m)
8th October: New page addition - teachers and locations
2.07 (2h4m)