Invoice #291
Invoice date: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice due by: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice number: #291
Invoice currency:
Invoice from:
Alex High
Invoice to:
Timed tasks
Website stage six:
Adding affiliate link / external link functionality to products.
0.38 (0h23m)
Website stage eight:
Add related items for affiliate products display on single post view, add products to test and style.
0.4 (0h24m)
Website stage five:
Categories, new menu items, adding black top menu and styling.
0.47 (0h28m)
Website stage seven:
Custom post type and template, format numbers, sort links and test.
Add new menu items for new post type.
0.53 (0h32m)
Website stage four:
design single post page layout as per PDF specification.
0.78 (0h47m)
Website stage two:
add custom post type input structure and add sample posts.
1.48 (1h29m)
Website stage three:
design front page layout for posts as per PDF specification.
1.58 (1h35m)
Website stage one:
begin custom theme website layout as per PDF example.
2.63 (2h38m)