Invoice #299
Invoice date: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice due by: 1 Jan 1970
Invoice number: #299
Invoice currency:
Invoice from:
Alex High
Invoice to:
Timed tasks
Add and configure speed optimisation plugins for both pages, posts and images.
0.25 (0h15m)
Add homepage as per PDF.
Enable HTTPS, and test.
0.57 (0h34m)
Add scripts for the custom menu to list categories from custom post types and their posts as submenus.
Style and test.
1.03 (1h02m)
Add mobile styling for new menu.
Check entire site on multiple device emulators and style accordingly for mobiles and handsets
1.45 (1h27m)
Setup site on host, create base of theme, create custom post type to hold the products, configure the additional options within the custom post type.
2 (2h0m)
Add custom post, configure layout and display options for posts and categories to list information as per PDF specifications.
5.52 (5h31m)